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Deezer, Paris

Deezer is a French online music streaming service. The company’s roots are found in Paris. Today, it is available in more than 180 countries. So, having outgrown its status as a start-up and increased in headcount, Deezer required more space for its Paris HQ.

Our brief was to create a space for its community. For instance, an office design to connect Deezer’s people, creators and brand. Above all, to maintain the existing workplace culture following its growth.

At a glance

  1. Our workplace solutions maintain Deezer's existing culture following rapid growth.
  2. We selected a 70,000 sq ft Haussmann building for the new Paris HQ.
  3. The office design is a showcase of Deezer's people, content and brand.
deezer paris office design
deezer paris office design

Project thinking

Firstly, we chose a 7-storey Haussmann building for the Paris HQ. The iconic architecture now fits with Deezer’s leading status. It shows how far the company has come, from “a small Parisian kitchen to a global streaming service”.

“Deezer needed to meet a tight programme. As a result, a design build solution offered fast and efficient delivery. Our local expertise with a tried and tested supply chain helped to create the new 70,000 sq ft HQ.”, shares Garth Chamberlain, Associate Director, Delivery – Europe.

deezer paris office design

Floorplan flexibility

“Our workplace solutions made each floor as a ‘hackable’ space. An adaptable floorplan provides future flexibility for its teams, while supporting agile ways of working.” shares Richard Fisher, Senior Associate Designer.

Similarly, the office design’s flexibility allows choice for people to do their best work. For example, work settings include: collaboration areas with writable surfaces, phone booths for privacy, open co-working desks, and a range of bookable team rooms.

deezer paris office design

Adapting to our culture and evolving scope seemed second nature for the M Moser project team, while always bringing the project back to the big three metrics. Above all, it was fun and enriching working together.

Mary Jude Reidy, Global Workplace & FM Director, Deezer
deezer paris office design
deezer paris office design
deezer paris office design

Workplace culture

When getting to know Deezer, it was clear that their people are very proud to work there. Therefore, it was important the office design embodies what Deezer is all about.

On the lower level of the Paris office is a multi-use community zone. For instance, teams enjoy breakfast meetings in the morning, hackathons in the afternoon, and live music in the evening.

Likewise, each meeting room is named after a singer or band featured on the streaming platform.


An elevated experience

A large rooftop terrace has 360-degree views of Paris, with sights to the Eiffel Tower. In addition, the office has a recording studio, podcast booth, and gym & fitness area. In short, Deezer’s new Paris HQ is an elevated experience for staff and guests.



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70,000 sq ft


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