Supporting business expansion through design

Leading financial services firm, Beijing

This office design was created for a leading financial services firm to reflect and support its vast expansion in the region. Driven by the desire to level up flexibility and improve agility, this company needed to reimagine its headquarters in China.

The design balances contemporary and traditional features to celebrate the brand’s growth and put a sharp focus on staff wellness.

At a glance

  1. A workspace that supports business expansion with a diverse design.
  2. A bold style that blends contemporary and traditional features.
  3. A LEED Gold office that certifies a sharp focus on wellness.
Office in Beijing to support expansion

Office design inspired by Beijing

Due to vast expansion in the region, the firm’s new headquarters has a deep connection with the historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese capital. Hence, our brief was to take inspiration from the city to set the tone for a diverse, flexible and memorable office design.

Corner of a workplace design in Beijing
Office workspace design in Beijing
Details of a workspace design in Beijing

So, we combined raw architectural elements and finishes such as stone, brick, and metal to recall Beijing. At the same time, this blend of attributes aligns with the company’s identity – a mix of regional influences and a global culture.

We fused a subtle touch of tradition into the patterns of customised prints and cut-out panels to forge a direct link with the local culture. Additionally, vibrant colours, carefully selected paintings and graphic design are used to create a dynamic space to motivate a diverse workforce.

Marble reception office in Beijing

Optimised layout to inspire diverse teams

This global firm’s new office needed to accommodate five entities, each one with different requirements and expectations. Balancing all these disparate needs into one area that would accomodate different teams was quite a big challenge. Therefore, our workplace strategists studied, organised workshops, and conducted interviews to bring to life a flexible and wellness-centric workspace.

Bright open workspace design in Beijing
Modern design workplace in Beijing

We addressed the company’s goals by designing diverse work areas. To feature different business entities, we used high contrast colours. As people move from the office entrance, the layered tones become increasingly brighter to lift the mood and improve productivity. Wood elements are adopted in the pantry to create a soothing atmosphere.



Wooden pantry of an office in Beijing

Wellness-led workspace

One of the main objectives of this project was to actualise a wellness-focused environment. Our expertise in sustainability ensured a responsible, LEED Gold certified design.

To supports physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, we used organic furniture and materials. Moreover, people have full access to natural daylight and biophilic elements such as green walls, that help them destress and feel good, while maintaining high performance.



Plants in a design workspace in Beijing
quiet room in a Beijing office
Design workplace in Beijing

Additionally, we implemented sound-absorbing panels, height-adjustable desks and ergonomic furniture to enhance the working experience. Minimising noise and downtime are two of the many solutions we provided to support office life and stimulate productivity.

Blue workplace design in Beijing

Overall, this is a human-centric, future-proofed and unique workplace. The ideal environment to inspire people and support business expansion around the globe.



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48,439 sqf




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