Maximising real estate through hospitality-inspired office design

Knotel’s HYLO building, London

Knotel is a rapidly growing flexible office space provider with over 100 locations. Since 2018, we’ve helped Knotel expand its presence in London across more than 30 projects.

The HYLO office space spreads across four floors, setting a new benchmark for Knotel’s flexible workplaces in London. Together, we’ve evolved its workspace offerings to meet the changing needs of modern businesses. Our approach maximises Knotel’s use of space while considering the needs of companies that call it home.

At a glance

  1. A design & build solution that focuses on hospitality-focused spaces for tenants.
  2. We maximised the real estate while also considering the end user's needs.
  3. The brand experience creates a meaningful connection between people and space.
view of coworking setting of flexible workplace in london

Rethinking the workplace

Providing a comfortable and engaging work environment is crucial as people return to the office. Our design & build solution combines hospitality-focused experiences with multiple work settings to support collaboration needs.

The design promotes community, which increases job satisfaction, productivity, and creativity. In addition, a welcoming workspace design can help to attract and retain top talent, which is essential for a company’s long-term success.

brand experience at knotel london office design
brand experience at knotel london office design

Understanding the building

We conducted due diligence on the building services to inform our design and maximise efficiency. For example, the decision to place meeting rooms away from the south-facing side of the building has multiple benefits. By reducing heat gain, the building requires less energy to cool, which reduces energy costs. Additionally, reducing heat gain improves thermal comfort for employees, creating a more comfortable work environment.

Furthermore, we used the building’s character to inform the office design. We created a more environmentally responsible workplace using existing materials and features to conserve resources.

view of collaboration table in flexible workplace in london

We are proud to work with M Moser to deliver exceptional flex offices in London and Europe.

Europe Design and Construction Manager at Knotel
view of reception of flexible workplace in london
view of meeting room of knotel london office design
view of desking in flexible workplace in london

Hospitality-inspired office design

Addressing the increasing demand for offices that prioritise employee comfort and wellbeing, HYLO uses hospitality-inspired elements in the design. Specifically, this involves comfortable lounge areas, collaboration tables, and well-equipped tea points to foster a warm and welcoming environment.

Hospitality spaces often need to accommodate a range of activities, from dining to socialising to working. So, our workplace solutions created flexible spaces that can adapt to different uses. This way, we increased the utility of Knotel’s real estate.

view of teapoint in flexible workplace in london
view from staircase of knotel london office design
detail view of tea point in flexible workplace in london

Sustainable design solutions

HYLO is a BREEAM-certified building that requires us to adhere to its sustainability standards. Our office design incorporates eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems and reduces waste with the considered use of space.

By preserving the original features of the building, for example, the concrete finishes, we minimised unnecessary modifications and reduced both fit-out and dilapidation costs. Furthermore, the project promotes an environmentally responsible approach to design and construction.

view of large meeting of knotel london office design
view of lounge of knotel london office design

In conclusion, Knotel’s flexible workplace in London sets a new design standard for plug-and-play workplaces. Our approach combines hospitality, comfort and wellbeing, and efficient use of space to attract tenants across all industries.



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