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LMR Partners, Zürich

LMR Partners is a global investment manager with offices in London, Hong Kong, New York and Zürich. It manages total assets in excess of US$ 9 billion.

Since 2016 we’ve supported the firm’s growth across the globe. What’s more, we’ve continually evolved its workplaces to attract the best financial talent.

We helped LMR expand into mainland Europe by creating a new Zürich office with a design & build solution.

At a glance

  1. Supporting business expansion into a new territory.
  2. A localised office design that also reflects a leading global status.
  3. Premium amenities for its people, investors and visitors to enjoy.
View from entrance of office design in Zürich for LMR Partners

Building a workplace culture

The knowledge we gained from the design of LMR’s London office guided our workplace solutions for Zürich. For example, we learned that expansive social spaces helped LMR build a positive workplace culture, which in turn encouraged people to collaborate effectively.

In this new office, attracting local talent and creating space for people to build relationships was important. As a result, a high percentage of the floorplan is dedicated to interaction.

View from library of office design in Zürich for LMR Partners
View from boardroom of office design in Zürich for LMR Partners

Spaces to interact

The bar and kitchen area with booth seating allows people to connect in an informal setting. In addition, the space can transform at night to host investor networking events.

We introduced a less formal meeting culture, with spaces that become alternative work points, such as the library. It offers touchdown opportunities away from the open plan. Furthermore, the range of lounge seating allows people to meet without needing to book a meeting room.


Using the best views for the social spaces allows LMR’s people to interact in welcoming and calming settings.

Marion Santoni, Senior Designer, M Moser

Connection to nature

Natural daylight floods deep into the interior space, with 3.5m ceilings creating a bright and energising workplace. High-energy areas, such as the social spaces, enjoy the best views that privately look out to the river Limmat. The views offer a calming influence.

For this office design in Zürich, warm, earthy tones in the design further bring the outdoors in. Research shows that spaces connected to nature can help transform workplace culture.


Defining the workplace experience

Our goal was to create an experience expressive of the brand’s personality. It starts at the entrance, where a comfortable lounge space welcomes people in place of a formal reception.

To the right, the main boardroom provides a space for meeting investors, away from the buzz of the workspace. The path to the left leads into the main workspace and social areas.

Corporate branding is subtle. Instead, the design uses high-quality materials to create the atmosphere of an LMR space. A local gallery curated artworks to add personality to the office.

View from workstation of office design in Zürich for LMR Partners
View from booth of office design in Zürich for LMR Partners

Local design, global business

“The link to the Swiss landscape creates familiarity for staff. You enter into a welcoming space with views out to the mountains and Lake Zürichsee. Equally, the use of rich textures and materials with statement furniture pieces reflects a leading global status,” shares Senior Associate Designer Richard Fisher.


New opportunities

The Zürich office marks our sixth project together, having already completed workplaces in London, Hong Kong and New York. In addition, our London team is now providing interior design services for the business’ expansions in Glasgow and Dubai.

View from meeting room of office design in Zürich for LMR Partners


Completion date





4,300 sq ft


Alex Kendrick

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