Combining integrated vertical research in an office campus

Speciality Pharmaceutical Company
Mumbai, India

In order to integrate corporate office and research functions into one structure and solidify its brand, a speciality pharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of quality pharmaceutical products, requested M Moser to study inserting its program into a very tight interior block site.

The eventual program indicated alternating research and office floors. Suspending those floors assigned to research spoke to the power of engineering and science, along with creating unique outdoor spaces which float above the site. The façade is rendered in stone panels to further enhance the effect. A central atrium provides daylight to the otherwise deep floor plans and serves to unify the interior culture of the building. 

Combining integrated vertical research in an office campus section

Objectives included placing the building on the interior of the block, pulling security to the outer street and creating a “campus feel” by landscaping both the immediate site and the adjacent streetscape.

The result is a building of great strength, with the ability to perform as an integrated vertical research and office campus.

  • Area 147,950 sq-ft
  • Location Mumbai, India


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