Leveraging a prime location opposite Lloyd's of London

Everest Re,

M Moser was challenged to reimagine global reinsurance and insurance organisation Everest Re’s building at 40 Lime Street, situated directly opposite the iconic landmark, Lloyd’s of London.

The brief was to project and extend Everest’s global brand to the space outside and create a flexible working environment that would feel inclusive to people on the inside. To capitalise on its proximity to the prestigious Lloyds building, the opening of a disused entrance provides on-street entry to a single tenant reception and restores the physical and commercial connectivity between the two sites.

M Moser’s London team designed and constructed this 12,000 sq. ft workplace with the goal to create a “new destination for brokers”. The familiarity of a traditional floor layout with a relaxed hospitality experience creates a highly effective environment for negotiating and securing deals.

Leveraging a prime location opposite Lloyd's of London section
Leveraging a prime location opposite Lloyd's of London section

Enhancing visibility

Opening up the disused entrance raised both security and environmental concerns, as there was little space to transition between the street and the workplace. To mitigate these concerns, M Moser installed an automated revolving door, providing a secure entrance that also filters the external climate, ensuring a comfortable environment for everyone inside. As a secondary security measure, speed-lanes separate a waiting area from the business space beyond.

New street signage introduced to the exterior, along with a raised ceiling height and warm, welcoming lighting features generate curiosity from passers-by. High-end finishes throughout present an established global brand that welcomes visitors and clients into the workplace.

Leveraging a prime location opposite Lloyd's of London section

Paying homage to Lloyds of London

Referencing the traditional set-up of a broker booth, where two assistants sit sandwiched between four brokers – six person desks with extensions for visiting clients occupy the ground floor workspace.

Leveraging its prime location and visibility from the outside, subtle influence continues through bold internal signage above the desk space to create an experience akin to Lloyd’s of London.

Everest now has a prestigious client-facing ground floor where the business can focus on creating long-term value through underwriting excellence and strong risk and capital management.

Leveraging a prime location opposite Lloyd's of London section

Connecting the workforce

Unifying disjointed space was one of the key drivers behind the change. Through careful space planning and the introduction of an interlacing staircase, our London team has connected different teams and business units, encouraging a collaborative culture. The third space, disconnected from the workspace by the building core, becomes a meeting suite and breakout area that consciously brings people together away from their desks.

Leveraging a prime location opposite Lloyd's of London section

Carefully considered materials

After demolishing the existing ceiling on the ground floor, extra height presented an opportunity to create a lighter, brighter space for the people inside. To support sustainability, LED lighting has been implemented. The recycled carpet tiles are rated A+ on interior VOC emissions, a key consideration when minimising indoor pollutants and maintaining the physical well-being of occupants.

Leveraging a prime location opposite Lloyd's of London section

The Everest experience

Everest’s new workplace now enhances the way people work; creating new business opportunities and a vibrant environment for staff and visitors, whilst promoting the global brand both internally and externally.

  • Status Completed
  • Area 12,000 sq. ft
  • Completion date 2018
  • Location London
  • Photographer Alex Kendrick


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