Consolidating four locations into "one JLT"


The mission was to create one prominent, highly sustainable workplace that consolidates almost 2,000 London employees from four different locations into one 291,000 square feet office.

Leading the project from site selection and feasibility studies to completion, M Moser’s London team developed innovative planning and design solutions that aligned JLT’s business objectives with the future needs of its workplace.

Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section
Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section

Crucially, the move meant that, for the first time, all our 1800 London-based colleagues are able to operate from a single location, supported by state of the art facilities. This major investment facilitated ever greater levels of collaboration across our business, further reinforcing our “One JLT” culture and enabled us to serve clients even more effectively.”

Dominic Burke



JLT wanted to optimise their occupancy, to a maximum average density of eight square meters per person on the typical floors. Simultaneously, it was imperative that we created both variety and brand consistency within the office’s landscape”

Edmund Caddy III
Director, International Design

Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section

Site selection and feasibility

Expansion through organic growth and acquisitions led to JLT occupying four separate properties across the City of London. JLT recognised that working from four disparate locations was a major obstacle to achieving the organisation’s future aspirations for its consolidated London business. An industry leader with global recognition, JLT also knew its offices did not portray its brand image nor promote its culture.

JLT’s vision was to accommodate over two thousand staff in an efficient, flexible space and ensure a consistent work style and brand across the numerous business units within the group. More than simply accommodating staff, the goal was to enable them to work together more effectively. Thus, the office would be efficient and flexible, yet tailored to support both a consistent work style and a brand across the group’s business units.

Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section

Integrated brand experience

The progression from street level through to the branded visitor’s entrance and down to JLT’s dedicated lifts, which take visitors directly to the 3rd floor reception was considered carefully. 

There is great drama arriving at the lift lobby and turning towards the reception as the atrium opens up above you and you are surrounded by the expectation of experiencing how their business is conducted, an impression further heightened as one enters the lounge and adjacent auditorium.

Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section
Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section

Key features

  1. Achieved BREEAM Excellent within the BREEAM Very Good building. BREEAM Excellent is roughly equivalent to a LEED Platinum certification in the UK rating system. 
  2. An EPC B rating indicates that its energy use is 70% lower than that of a typical office building.
  3. Modular design and 40,000 square feet expansion space on the 7th floor enable future growth beyond consolidation requirements
  4. The meeting room booking system linked directly to the BMS to enable energy savings when unoccupied and appropriate conditions ‘just in time’ for arranged meetings.
Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section

The way of control of the air conditioning, lighting, AV and room booking screens, combined within the meeting rooms, is one of the project’s many elegant design solutions[DC1]  – and was a good example of what was made possible by M Moser’s collaborative, integrated approach to working with the client and project consultants,” 

Conor O’Donoghue, Operations Director, SWECO
Engineering Contractor


“When working in complex multi-storey buildings it’s essential that the client’s infrastructure and other tenant’s services are considered within the fit-out design. We found M Moser to be in tune with this and the requirements of the client’s services consultant as well.”

Steve Jackson, Director, ISG
Construction Contractor

Consolidating four locations into "one JLT" section

Multi-functional space

Breakout hubs located adjacent to the lift lobbies are another key element in the design’s diversity. They can be used as convenient venues for ad-hoc meetings, or as alternative work settings. Enclosed meeting rooms of varying capacities distributed throughout the space accommodate more formal discussions.

More social space of a flexible kind is found in the third floor’s auditorium and client meeting area. Skyfold and sliding walls allow them to be reconfigured for use as a meeting, seminar or events space. Additional glass moveable walls within the client meeting area allow the space to be expanded even further to host parties and town hall meetings.

  • Status Completed
  • Area 291,000 sq-f
  • Completion date 2014
  • Location London
  • Sustainability BREEAM Excellent
  • Photographer Alex Kendrick


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.