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Bringing innovation and technology to the forefront of space

We create immersive spaces and experiences which showcase our client’s cutting-edge innovation and commitment to technology. These facilities act as a platform to reach new clients, partners, media, and academia for the purposes of strategic sales or partnership.

By choreographing the user journey throughout the workspace, technology and innovation are experienced in a unique way, presenting an inside view of how the business operates. To drive impact, these unique digital experiences involve high-quality audio-visual elements and reinforced brand messaging to address, change and create tailored perceptions.

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Science & Technology

Creating cutting-edge leaders through human-centred lab design

We take a different approach to creating lab environments. Our focus is on the needs of the scientists. By understanding chemical requirements and by redistributing space, we are pioneering the sector with a unique formula for human-centred design. 

Our activity-based approach encourages scientists to share ideas and collaborate while ensuring safety and wellbeing. This enables our clients to lead scientific and technological innovation globally.

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Creating healing environments with people at the core

We are committed to delivering human-centred environments that save and enhance lives. Our focus is on physical and mental wellbeing, mission-critical needs and activity-based working to identify and address employee workflow.

We understand that by focusing on people, we can create the most effective healing and working environments for patients, doctors, nurses and technicians alike.

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Invigorating education by designing for learning

We understand knowledge is not a commodity. M Moser’s design-for-people approach provides educational institutions unique insights into how people learn and remain inspired. 

This focus on people is the basis for designing world-class learning centres that attract and inspire student, and invigorate an atmosphere of innovation among faculty staff and doctorates. 

Critical to the success of our school projects is the ability to integrate the needs of parents, children, teachers and boards into a holistic experience that promotes confidence in the safety, high education standards and wellbeing of students.

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Constantly striving to enhance the way people work

We work with clients in more than 50 countries, from America and Europe to Asia and Australia. To meet the mounting challenges of our truly global clients in a rapidly accelerating world, we have not only innovated in design, strategy, and change, but also pioneered the integration of brand experience, technology, engineering and delivery into a complete solution.

We have completed over 100 million square feet of workplaces and believe that the best results are achieved by focusing on people’s work and cultural needs, enabling them to be their best and most productive at work.

By encouraging engagement and providing environments that support people’s wellbeing, we create a complete cultural, physical and digital experience that resonates beyond space.

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Defining co-working strategy and delivering co-working success

Our consulting team specialises not only in designing and delivering co-working environments, but in establishing the business case and helping define the right strategy for co-working business operations. 

From establishing a new co-working business, rolling out a co-working location, or consulting a CEO/Corporate Real Estate leader who would like to draw insight from co-working strategies, it is crucial to understand what success means and who we need to design for. 

Our method is based on understanding and establishing: 

  • Business and success factors
  • Psychographics, work-habits and people demos
  • Location and associated drivers
  • Building foundation and constraints 
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If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


If you are interested in working with us, have a look at our careers page.


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